Kevin Childs

Software Engineer







University of Texas at Arlington


Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering


2015 - 2018

Related Courses


Algorithms and Data Structures: Design and analysis of algorithms with an emphasis on data structures.


Object-Oriented Software Engineering: Study of an agile unified methodology and its application to object-oriented software development.


Database Systems and File Structures: Database system architecture. File structures for databases, including indexing hashing and B+-trees.


Look for Cooks



Social media platform for cooks that allows amateur chefs to sell food within a 10 mile radius. This app requires a login to be used. You can register as a cook or a customer.

Note: If you register as a cook, use the following info for credit card information: Account Number: 000123456789, Routing Number: 110000000.

Libraries Used

React Js, Node Js, Express, MongoDB, AWS (EC2, Route 53, Ubuntu) and Stripe

Redesign For Me

laravel and vue


Redesign For Me is my Web Development Company that focuses on designing and hosting websites and web applications. RFM would like to help businesses get the recognition they deserve by modern website development.

Libraries Used

React Js, Netlify

Grocery List


Grocery list application that adds grocery items to the queue. Ability to share list with friends. To share, copy the URL and send it to whoever you like. A listkey is generated when a new list is created.

Libraries Used

React Js, Node Js, Express, MongoDB and Heroku

NASA Search

Outer space


This app demonstrates the use of external RESTful api calls. We are pulling data from the "Nasa Image and Video Library" and display the data to the screen.

Libraries Used

React Js, Material UI

Snake Game



Replicated the classic 1976 snake game from the arcade game "Blockade". Objective is to eat as many apples as possible without colliding into any border or touching the snakes tail. Each apple eatin increases the score by 1. Use the arrow keys to change directions. This game is currently desktop only.

Libraries Used

React Js, useInterval

Work Experience

Triumph Aerospace Structures


System Engineer


2016 - 2020


Html, CSS, JavaScript, Java, MQL, TCL



Triumph Aerospace Structures integrates a rich legacy with innovative technology, manufacturing and tooling to create state of the art metallic and composite aircraft structures.


At Triumph, I supported the integration of Dassault Systemes software suite 3DExperience. This was an all in one PLM system.